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Leather Camera

Leather Camera

Frederik Gram
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark



2017-2020 Self-employed freelancer
2015-2017 Video director at Soundvenue

2014 Winner at CPH Pix, MUSIC + VIDEO

2012-2015 Video director at ØJEKAST
2011-2014 B.Sc. Medialogy, AAU-CPH

I am a filmmaker and photographer currently living on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

As a teenager in the western part of Jutland I bought my first camera because of an enticement of how beautiful even the most mundane objects and situations could become, when portrayed in the right light through a camera lens. I can still be in awe when I see an image captured at just the right time and place.

When I moved to Copenhagen upon finishing middle school I bought myself a new camera that had the capability to shoot video as well as photographs. I started experimenting with the film medium along with a couple of friends and before we knew of it, it started bringing us wonderful adventures with famous musicians and athletes. Soon enough I was making a decent living on the side of being a university student.

Now its 2018 and and since then I have worked with some of the world biggest brands and directed productions involving some of the most renowned talent in Denmark, within the genres of music, film and sports.

Some of the brands for whom I directed video productions include:

Red Bull Media House, Soundvenue, Spotify, Telia, Huawei, Volkswagen, American Crew, Roskilde Festival, Lenovo, Jack & Jones, Royal Unibrew and many more.

Photo: David Schweiger

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